The Finishing Work of Concrete Batch Plant

In the first half of 2014, the latest concrete batching plant from is the new type concrete batching plant equipment which has features of elegant appearance, compared with the old machine, the overall size of the new machine has Japanese Mini concrete pump for sale been significantly widened and heightened and productivity has greatly improved. Professional concrete batching plant manufacturer has summarized five steps for after using the concrete batching plant.

1. After work, shut down the concrete batching plant as requirement according to the right order. 2. Check the wear condition of mixing blades and scaleboard after working; check whether the components need to be updated or the contact surfaces need to be lubricated; check whether the connection bolts are loose. 3. Check the surface of belt conveyor whether it has flake or fracture phenomenon and timely replace. 4. If the concrete batching plant does not work for a long period time and the hopper and storage bin can not save materials, clean inside of it before restarting it. Cement silo should take dampproof work to avoid hardening and freezing of cement. 5. After work, make sure the closing places of concrete batching plant are closed. We hope that operators should not ignore the above five steps of concrete batching plant. Though these are the simple maintenance, you should take it seriously and earnest which can ensure the safety of concrete batching plant and prolong the service life of concrete batching plant.

Detailed Working Process of Concrete Mixer

As we all know, concrete mixer is a kind of machine which is used to mix concrete. concrete mixer can be classified into many different types according to different mixing ways, different feeding methods and production. This is also the advantage of concrete mixer. Because of various types and complete in variety, machinery provides many different choices.

Analyze the working processes of concrete mixer in detail:

1. After starting all types of concrete mixers, make the concrete mixer operate 2-3 minutes without load. If the mixing drum of concrete mixer rotates smoothly, there is no bounce, off tracking or strange influence for mixing drum, and the open and close of the upper and lower of hopper and the discharging door is flexible, concrete mixer can operate. 2. During the operation of concrete mixer, staff should wear a respirator to prevent pollution. 3. When operating the electric concrete mixer, Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Boom operators must stand on the operating floor mat with wooden board. 4. Matters needing attention for lifting concrete mixer: when lifting the charging hopper, it is forbidden to work or walk under the hopper. Besides, when the foundation pit of hopper needs cleaning or operators want to check the hopper, contact with the operators and check it after fastening hopper with chains tightly. 5. When the hopper of concrete mixer approaches the ground, stop for a while and land it on the ground to avoid damaging the hopper because of the high landing speed.

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